Holy Moly is a quirky and definitley mouth-watering pie shop at The Commons, Bangkok, Thailand. A little bit strange, appropriately inappropriate and always stuffed with fun.

The brand started with a few delicious pies and the name, Holy Moly. From there we knew the brand would be ironic, serious about pie with a lighthearted disposition.

It seemed each pie should have a name and personality. We started sketching and what came about were people, places and things all rooted in Thai traditions and culture but satirical in nature.

The illustrations became the life of the brand. They worked easily with the packaging, the menus and made for great stickers. They complemented the luxurious marble and copper interior with a playfulness and humor. In a short amount of time they’ve become recognizable and easily shareable.

Creative Director Tap Kruavanichkit • Senior Designer John Bowles • Interior Design Chidchanok Boon • Designer Pei Ying • Illustrator Premvadee Khang-air • Photography Tim Mills • Project belongs to Farmgroup