FOMO is a customizable timepiece brand that emphasizes on individual identity. The brand wants to create product that is exclusively crafted and customised to suit each one's needs and wants.

Taken from a lingo almost everyone can relate with, FOMO, the brand name best describes the apprehension of the ever-changing trends and fashion, but some things can remain timeless and versatile.

Client approached us to create a chic brand identity and an e-commerce website for the brand. Personal, intentional and simple luxury are the brand codes pinned on the moodboard.

Hence, instead of funky graphic and brutalist direction, we are keeping it minimal and tasteful. Aside from a sleek and serious looking logotype, we also created a symbol that can represent the brand. We also art directed the products photoshoot and its social medias.

The website is optimized to fast loading time, easy to navigate and overall good web perfomance. Each customization and personalization features are carefully designed in a step-by-step system.

Visit the website: fomo.watch

Art Direction • Creative Concept • Brand Identity • Packaging • Web Design