13 March 2017

So stoked to have my website featured on Brutalist Websites. Pascal is really cool and kind to put this up for me. Anyway, I am wondering if people is reading this. Email me random emoji if you are reading this. (peiyingtang@gmail.com)

Update: I received quite a numbers of emoji, some is repetitive which included:

👀 🍑 🙌 🐝 👍 🤓 🌙 ŲŠ(āš‘´0`āš‘)Ûļ

3 March 2017

I coded some stuff, and my haiku is still pretty bad.

30 Dec 2016

Design Scene in Penang: A conversation

(Below is a conversation that I had with a store owner in Georgetown. It is essential to know how the norms see design and art, in order for us to educate the public and later improve local design scene.)

PY: How do you find the art and design scene here in Penang?

A: It's getting better everyday.

PY: How did that change or not-change your life?

A: I am running a business here in this beautiful island, of course the raising art scene is making it better.

PY: Oh cool, what kind of business?

A: It is F&B.

PY: I am wondering, if you can tell me who did all the brand identity and design works for your business?

A: Sure thing. My wife did the logo, and label design. She knows some bits and bobs of the design software, and since she is interested in doing it, why not? I save some budget on that! *laugh*

PY: You are lucky then. Is your wife from a design background?

A: Nah, she learns it by herself, internet.

PY: Okay. So if you have a new upcoming business, would you hire a proper design studio or a professional to do it for you? You can be frank with me. *With a super sincere smile*

A: Well, it is not that I am not willing to spend the money, I did hire a professional ID to sketch up and build this shop for me. And of course I do appreciate design, and truly understand how design can helps with my business. That's for sure. But when you have someone close to you, that can do it, and it is a job well done, I guess I won't go for that professional option.

Side Note: The conversation then lead to the business perspective of his (money making etc), it is not relevant to include the entire chat here.