13 March 2017:

So stoked to have my website featured on Brutalist Websites. Pascal is really cool and kind to put this up for me. Anyway, I am wondering if people is reading this. Email me random emoji if you are reading this. (peiyingtang@gmail.com)


3 March 2017:

I coded some stuff, and my haiku is still pretty bad.


30 Dec 2016:

Design Scene in Penang: A conversation


PY: How do you find the art and design scene here in Penang?

A: It's getting better everyday.

PY: How did that change or not-change your life?

A: I am running a business here in this beautiful island, of course the raising art scene is making it better.

PY: Oh cool, what kind of business?

A: It is F&B.

PY: I am wondering, if you can tell me who did all the brand identity and design works for your business?

A: Sure thing. My wife did the logo, and label design. She knows some bits and bobs of the design software, and since she is interested in doing it, why not? I save some budget on that! *laugh*

PY: You are lucky then. Is your wife from a design background?

A: Nah, she learns it by herself, internet.

PY: Okay. So if you have a new upcoming business, would you hire a proper design studio or a professional to do it for you? You can be frank with me. *With a super sincere smile*

A: Well, it is not that I am not willing to spend the money, I did hire a professional ID to sketch up and build this shop for me. And of course I do appreciate design, and truly understand how design can helps with my business. That's for sure. But when you have someone close to you, that can do it, and it is a job well done, I guess I won't go for that professional option.